Alice Davis Hitchcock Medallion

The ADH award is given annually to the author of a literary work which, in the opinion of the SAHGB award committee, provides an outstanding contribution to the study or knowledge of architectural history. The work must be by a British author (or authors), or deal with an aspect of the architectural history of the British Isles or the Commonwealth, and have been published within the past two years. The winner of each year’s award is announced at the Annual Lecture and Awards Ceremony. Our thanks to those members who nominate books and provide citations.

2018 ​Alice Davis Hitchcock Medallion Winner


Christine Casey, Making Magnificence: Architects, Stuccatori, and the Eighteenth- Century Interior (Yale University Press)

2018 ​Alice Davis Hitchcock Medallion Shortlist

The following five books comprise the shortlist for the 2018 Alice Davis Hitchcock Award:

Colvin Prize

Hawksmoor Essay Medal

James Morris Essay Prize



Kathleen James Chakraborty,Modernism as Memory: Building Identity in the Federal Republic of Germany (University of Minnesota Press)


Mark Swenarton, Cook’s Camden(Lund Humphries)


Mark Swenarton, Cook’s Camden(Lund Humphries)
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Previous Winners

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​2017:   ​Lea-Catherine Szacka for Exhibiting the Post Modern: The 1980 Venice Architecture Biennale
2016:   Elain Harwood for Space, Hope, and Brutalism
2015:   Michael Hall for George Frederick Bodley and the later Gothic Revival in Britain and America
2014:   Anthony Geraghty for The Sheldonian Theatre: Architecture and Learning in Seventeenth-Century Oxford
2013:   Alex Bremner for Imperial Gothic: Religious Architecture and High Anglican Culture in the British Empire, 1840-1870
2012:   Richard Fawcett for The Architecture of the Scottish Medieval Church
2011:   John Goodall for The English Castle: 1066-1650
2010:   Mark Girouard for Elizabethan Architecture: Its Rise and Fall, 1540-1640
2009:   Peter Draper for The Formation of English Gothic: Architecture and Identity
2008:   Eitan Karol for Charles Holden Architect, 1887-1960
2007:   David Robinson for The Cistercians in Wales
2006:   Peter Guillery for The Small House in Eighteenth-Century London
2005:   Georgia Clarke for Roman House – Renaissance Palaces
2004:   Kathryn Morrison for English Shops and Shopping

2003:   Nicola Coldstream
2002:   Mark Wilson Jones
2001:   Nicholas Cooper, Peter Fergusson & Stuart Harrison
2000:   Linda Fairbairn
1999:   Derek Linstrum
1998:   Ian Bristow
1997:   Robin Evans
1996:   Robert Hillenbrand
1995:   Miles Glendinning & Stefan Muthesius
1994:   Colin Cunningham & Prudence Waterhouse
1993:   John Allan
1992:   Eileen Harris & Nicholas Savage
1991:   Christopher Wilson

1990:   Charles Saumarez Smith
1989:   Andrew Saint
1988:   Roger Stalley
1987:   John Harvey
1986:   David Brownlee
1985:   Jill Lever
1984:   William Curtis
1983:   Maurice Craig
1982:   Peter Thornton
1981:   Howard Colvin
1980:   Allan Braham
1979:   Ted Ruddock
1978:   Peter Smith
1977:   Andrew Saint
1976:   Anthony Blunt
1975:   David Watkin
1974:   J. Mordaunt Crook & M. H. Port

1973:   Mark Girouard
1972:   Hermione Hobhouse
1971:   John Harris
1970:   A. H. Gomme & D. M. Walker
1969:   Peter Collins
1968:   Christopher Hussey
1967:   Mark Girouard
1966:   Nikolaus Pevsner
1965:   H. M. & Joan Taylor
1964:   F. H. W. Sheppard
1963:   Dorothy Stroud
1962:   John Fleming
1961:   Kerry Downes
1960:   John Summerson
1959:   H. M. Colvin