Hawksmoor Essay Medal

To encourage new architectural historians, the Society’s Essay Medal (popularly known as ‘the Hawksmoor’) is awarded at the Annual Lecture and Awards Ceremony to the author of the best essay submitted in competition.

2018 winner:
William Aslet, ” ‘Upon the Instructions of the Greatest Masters in Italy’: James Gibbs’s Training and the Establishment of his Career in London”


As a permanent reminder of the winner’s achievement, a bronze medal featuring a relief portrait of Nicholas Hawksmoor based on the bust of the architect by John Cheere is awarded and inscribed with the winner’s name and date. This is presented at the Society’s Annual Lecture. There is also a cash prize of £400, and the winning essay will be considered for publication in the Society’s journal, Architectural History.

Entering the Essay Competition

Essays must be submitted to the Secretary by May 31 each year.

Previous Winners

1982:   Gordon Higgott
1983:   Neil Jackson
1984:   Joseph Sharples
1985:   No award was made
1986:   Laura Jacobus
1987:   Tim Mowl
1988:   Giles Worsley
1989:   No award was made
1990:   No award was made
1991:   Michael Hall
1992:   Frank Salmon
1993:   Catherine Steeves
1994:   Sean Sawyer
1995:   Jonathan Hughes
1996:   Andrew Hopkins
1997:   Peter Mayhew
1998:   Andrew Royle
1999:   Henry Dietrich Fernández

2000:   Eleanor Tollfree
2001:   Kathryn Ferry
2002:   Alex Bremner
2003:   James Weeks
2004:   Tom Nickson
2005:   No award was made
2006:   Matthew Whitfield
2008:   James Maxwell Stevenson
2008:   Tristram Bainbridge
2009:   Philip Aspin
2010:   Jessica Holland
2011:   Otto Saumarez Smith
2012:   No award was made
2013:   Karl Kinsella
2014:   Richard Butler
2015:   Edward Gillin
2016:    No award was made
Fiona Smyth


Colvin Prize

Alice Davis Hitchcock Medallion

James Morris Essay Prize