Liability & Disability Policy

In common with other societies and in line with current legislation, the Society has adopted the following policy on its own liabilities and on the provisions that it will make for those with special needs.

Events organised by the Society inevitably involve the provision of access to buildings and other locations that are associated with risks to personal and collective safety. Members and guests participate in events at their own risk. The Society will do its best to minimise such risks but neither it nor its officers accept any liability arising from its activities. The Society also reserves the right to refuse access to its events (or to any part of an event) to any member or guest who, in the judgment of a member of its Committee or the event organiser, puts the safety of that individual or of other participants at risk.

The Society naturally wishes to offer access to its events to all members and guests and is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (2005). Disabled persons wishing to attend events should contact the Events Officer or Conference Secretary (as appropriate) at the time of application for a discussion of the practicability of the itinerary and of any special arrangements that may need to be made, which the Society will do its best to accommodate. It cannot undertake to accommodate the special needs of disabled persons who do not contact its officers in advance of events and it may, for reasons of safety and liability described above, refuse such persons participation in parts or all of its events.